Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Home Stretch

Aran Update:

The body is dry and the sleeves are "dry enough." I'm ready to sew it together!

So I checked the fit. The sleeves and the armhole are a perfect match (sort of like they were made for each other [chuckle]).

So it's pinned in place and now I begin the careful stitching.

Finish can make or break a sweater!

And so can buttons.

I found these at The Button Drawer. They have lots of styles. It was hard to pick just one.

So I bought another pound of "novelty" buttons. Just in case.

The next picture you see will be of the Completed Sweater on the Intended Recipient (assuming that I adjusted correctly for proper fit).

Stay tuned!
You, missy, have A Button Problem
Lovey - it's a bit hot at the moment, do you mind if we wait till it cools down again, before I try the Aran on. Cos, it looks like it was made for Nanna - it was, wasn't it?? :-p Love the buttons too
Those buttons are gorgeous. I agree though, buttons will make or break a project.
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