Saturday, December 30, 2006

Economic Awareness, Consciousness, Sensitivity*

Yeh, I said I was in and I'm really in now!

Wendy started it and a lot of us picked up the gauntlet and then some [expletive delted] commenting LYSO on her blog comments went into a not-so-quiet rant about how a Stash Diet, started by one Blogger Who Doesn't Even Live In Her Area (yes, I checked) was going to freakin' put her out of business! And it was all our fault!

Well, Commentor, I have followed your very few blog entries (no, I'm not linking--wouldn't want to give her the "hits") and the last couple, well, Hon, if your 'tude in face to face (f2f) life is anything like your 'tude on your blog, Wendy ain't the one that's doin' your business in!

Retail isn't for weenies! Retail involves being "up" all the time. Retail involves rolling with the punches. Constant change. And a Happy Face. I learned from a Master. And I was damned good at it. (My sales figures for the last year I worked retail before I quit to be a SAHM were incredible and record-setting according to that same Master.) And I know I don't want to go there ever again.

Too many people (translate: women) get into retail because they "like" their product. Books and yarn are two biggies that come to mind. The retail world is Hard Work and Long Hours and a Lot of Heartache and you don't get to see your family a lot and the wages suck, particularly if you are the Owner. And you get very little opportunity to "enjoy" the product you are selling. If One Person can screw you that badly, you need to be in another line of work.

Market forces, baby. (Can anyone say Oprah vs. the Cattlemen?)

* The title of this blog is lifted shamelessly from the Unnamed Blogger's current entry. I may use it as my rallying cry!

Economic Awareness--I have a first obligation to myself and my family, not to some faceless LYSO who doesn't seem to realize that I do not owe her a living just because she sells a product I buy. My stash has reached epic proportions. I bought most of what's here (or traded for it or was given it as gifts). It's paid for. That's about as pure as Economics gets.

Consiousness--(see above) I am conscious of every spending decision I make. And my Social Conscience is quite healthy thankyouverymuch.

Sensitivity--What the F? Who is being insensitive here? (I believe that is a rant for another day!)**

Okay, so here's what I'm doing with my stash. Look familiar? Hearken back to Yesteryear (or September, take your pick).

Now that the fateful Christmas Knitting is done (yeh, except for the Alteration, keep me honest), I've picked up the Ragg That Is So Near To Completion and begun the not-so-long journey to the neckline. Each row gets shorter.

I will be glad to be done with this. I want to wear it!

It would be everso nice to include it in 2006 totals. It would be okay if it was the first toss of the new year, though.

And here's the next bear sweater (I have 10 :eep: bears that I'd like to clothe for the January 15 deadline.

This is #2, a pseudo-Icelandic, in bits of leftover Pingofrance II.

Who had the crazy idea to knit navy on ebony needles, I wonder?

I have a couple of bear clothing booklets (book sale, had to buy 'em) that I'm perusing for additional patterns.

** And speaking of Sensitivity I noticed a marked change in grocery shoppers yesterday. Gone was the mad rush. People were pleasant; they returned smiles. They said "excuse me." Amazing what a difference a week makes! Can we keep it up into 2007?

I sure hope so!


Man, I guess I better start reading the comments over at Wendy's more often. hehe

I'll be participating in the yarn diet cause I'm poor like that. hehe I'll buy yarn if I have the money for it but I have other things that need paid for first.
Great going! But...if I just do UFO's, my stash won't go down much. I am starting a bunch of new things on 1-1. Maybe to use the stash and maybe just to have more UFO's. Only TIME will tell!
Hrm. Maybe the LYSO should have saved all the money we spent over the years instead of thinking we'd be just filling up the spare room with yarn we never use forever.
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