Saturday, December 23, 2006

Early Morning Musings

Unable to access her email account because of guests sleeping in the office/stash room, Sheepie attempts to spread holiday cheer through Blogger and fails miserably.

I have been pondering the gloriousness of the season (and the promised return of the sun) and thinking about some random encounters I experienced over the past several weeks.

Demand for food does not necessarily increase in the winter, despite increases in home heating costs, nor even because of the winter holidays. In actuality, the greatest demand for food is in the summer when school is out and the school lunch (and breakfast) program is suspended and only about 10% of the eligible children participate in summer food programs (for whatever the reason).

No, instead, the demand for certain food items increases exponentially. This is particularly frustrating for those of us who make a daily effort to ensure that people are fed daily not just at the holidays.

Case in point: one day last week, I fielded both phone calls and emails from people in search of "holiday needs" for themselves or for needy neighbors. They were seeking (variously) holiday food (specifically turkeys and hams), toys, warm clothing, presents.

The local Sally Anns register folks for these programs in the fall. Registration closed many weeks ago. Getting added to already groaning lists is next to impossible. I scratch my head. Did you suddenly realize that Christmas is coming?

Here at the Casa, the Other Half and I decided that the house renvations would be our anniversary and Christmas/Solstice gifts to each other. It was an enormous expense (as those of you undertaking similar projects know), but more than that, there little that we want and even less that we need. And dagnabit, we are both capable of going into a store and purchasing those things ourselves.

There was little surprise when the Older Kid announced that he and the New Daughter In Law had decided that Christmas would be a scaled back affair at their celebration (here at the Casa), as well.

When I queried, I discovered that he (they?) were also appalled and overwhelmed by the conspicuous over-consumption that they see around them. Way too much being spent by people who may or may not be able to afford it on "stuff" that really isn't necessary.

And yet, doubt always exists. As I gaze upon the pile of presents under the tree, I find myself wondering, "is it enough?" And I am sure that the answer is "yes."

Is it everything? Not a chance. But it is enough.

We are sheltered; we are fed; we are clothed. We have each other.

It is enough.

10 a.m. update:

It appears that 8 times was the charm. You know how most patterns say "join, being careful not to twist?" Well, this pattern didn't (being knit flat and all) so, I wasn't and on try #7, havng finally matched the seed stitch correctly, I looked at the knitted fabric on my lap and saw, "Oh $%@#$@^*%(%)%(^!!!!!" There's a freakin twist in the #$^$^*)^)^^%$(&%^&^%%^$%$^ knitting. (The last time I had a twist in circular knitting was years ago!)

[ahem] There was no picture. I was sobbing uncontrollably.

So I ripped it yet again and knit across, and cast on the bridge and laid it flat, then (after very careful examination) knit across the remaining stitches. Please note that there is no twist this time.

(If there is a problem that can be encountered in knitting this tiny little piece, I have. Encountered it.)


Thank you ... I needed that "it is enough", because I was just staring at the presents ready to go under OUR tree and wondering that very thing ... not as much as other years, but it's enough.

Glad the sweater finally "behaved" for you!
thanks Ann! I too needed that "it is enough". I commend you on your patience with the sweater. It's looking great! I've had similar problems with patterns in the past, and just gave up!

Kathy (the frugal one)
Merry Christmas!
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