Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Diet and Fashion Advice

Okay, lots of bloggers and list folk are jumping on the concept widely known as the Yarn Diet or Temporary Yarn Fast or some other iteration started by this crazed woman. Wendy, I love ya, but I'm here to say that wool diets and the Sheepie are about as compatible as food diets and the Sheepie.

Just take a look over there on the sidebar if you need proof!

When I started "confessing" the size of my stash, here at Sheep Shots, I had 53.7 miles of yarn. That was a little less than 2 years ago. Right this very minute, the stash is at 50 miles, not counting about 7 pounds of coned wool that I am dyeing for Dulaan projects and a bunch of other stuff that isn't on the spread sheet. (I am so embarrassed!) To make matters worse, I have a trail going back to 2001 when I first started keeping track of the stash via Excel.

On July 1, 2001, five and a half years ago, there was barely 33 miles of yarn in the stash.

All I need to say is "yarn diet" and I start browsing the on-line stores like, oh, I look at cookbooks when I start thinking about losing a few pounds. [And Sheepie's been working on this same 15 pounds for months!]

So here's the deal. Wendy's original premise (with exceptions, exemptions, and Get Out Of Jail, Free card) was more like:

[Pretend that Wendy's "Knit From Your Stash" button is there. Blogger doesn't want it there. Go figure. Who knew Blogger owned a yarn shop?] Update: No need to pretend, Blogger cooperated after a re-boot.

Rabbitch may be onto something (we think a lot alike). So, I present my Stash Busting, Not a Yarn Diet Rules of the Game:

1) Two out, one in. For every ball of yarn I want to buy, I need to knit up or sell, or give away 2 balls from the stash. Landfilling (even fun fur) is not an option!

2) Equipment, books, patterns, magazines, and tools do not count! Since I rescinded the Christmas request for swift and ball winder, I'm gonna need to buy 'em. I cannot wait until my birthday. Buttons, however, are included.

3) If there's a really good sale, Rule 1 can be put on temporary hold as long as Rule 1 is invoked and followed within, oh, 30 60 days.

Likely, there will be more rules. As I think of them, I'll post 'em.

And in Knitting News:

I picked up this little Dulaan number again last night when I realized that the End As We Know It of Aran #2 was in sight.

Day-um, I'm close to finishing. (Well, I'm more than halfway.)

So I started working on this one.

Just a couple more stripes, then the left sleeve, the seams, hem, buttons. Voila!

Then, I started to panic about The Second Coming of Aran.

Too big. I know it's too big. (It's not too big. It's Outerwear! It's exactly the right size based on the measurements I have. It will fit. Stop obsessing!)

[I should listen to the voices. They make perfect sense!]

But I was a little concerned about stretch and the weight of the sweater and the back neck which was kept "live" and the ribbing knit across on the live stitches, so I went back and did a crochet chain across the shoulders and the back neck. Just a little insurance.

Then I made a little butterfly of each of the Aran yarns and slipped them and an extra button into a sweet little baggie. Then I wrapped the sweaters and put them under the tree.


You thought I had forgotten!

Fashion Advice (for free--and it's worth it!)

Some thoughts that came to mind at the diner on Saturday:

If your cleavage resembles a Plumber's Crack, you should consider a higher neckline.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, remember the effects of years of sun, bad eating, and age.

If the seat of your pants looks like it's full of ferrets when you walk, consider a larger size.

You're welcome.
Knew you could complete the aran -- and, I love those buttons! Happy weekend!
Amen on the fashion advice ... I'm also a firm believer that if one is over 40, one should NOT be wearing clothes designed for 14 year olds!
Pants full of ferrets ... you have done well, my child.
We used to call it "two bulldogs fighting in a sack." ;) So where did you get the pattern for the little striped dulaan sweater? It's very cute, and it looks like you're knitting it side to side. (My favorite kind.)
Well, you finally met me at that diner!!! And I thought the proceeds from my ferret farm would enable me to buy more yarn for my yarn stash!!!


Ivy Fern
Ann, you make me laugh....and that's a good thing!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

I read Wendy's knit-from-stash thing. I just read yours, too. I know it's necessary and I'm going to do it, in some form. Really, I am. But, before the New Year and the reality of this idea hits home, WEBS and I had an "experience" this morning. I ain't sayin' what that experience was. I can't bring myself to verbalize it.
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