Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve 2006

With all of the Christmas Knitting That's Going To Be Done finished, I can turn my attention to Other Things.

Like the Dulaan Sweater currently OTN. I have reached the Armpit Going Left (as opposed to the Armpit Going Up) and have bound off the side stitches. I feel like I'm on the home stretch until I look at All Those Ends.

There's some serious weaving in my future, I fear!

I'm still a little concerned about the length, so there might be some horizontal striping before the seed stitch border at the bottom.

And so, I cast on Something Else.

It's a beanie.

Made of Patons Classic Wool in burgundy (so far) but I have plans to add some navy. And maybe some hunter green.

It might wind up in the Ship Support bin if it's big enough. Or in the Dulaan bin if it isn't.

I cast on 84 stitches onto a 16" size 7 circ. 2X2 ribbing for about 2", then switched to stockinette. I'll decrease at 7 points when it's tall enough.

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It IS time to start knitting Ships items again, isn't it? The hat looks like fun ... might have to start one of those this week ... maybe something with stripes, but NOT all those ends to weave in like the sweater?

Can you tell I don't LIKE weaving in lots of ends?
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