Friday, December 01, 2006

Busy, Busy

Being able to knit while someone else drives. Priceless!

Even in the dark, I can grow this simple sweater. It's oddly proportioned (to me) but my measurements match the schematic, so I guess it will fit.

I'll take it with me tomorrow morning when I go to get my hair cut and if I have to wait, my time won't be wasted.

Another hour and I'll have a FO.

Cast on the right side front of the First Aran Sweater this evening. There were more than a couple false starts (missed p1 in a couple of places) that forced me to tink back Row 10 (the set up row) twice and Row 11 (the first pattern row) at least twice.

The first 10 11 rows took 2 hours. The next 14 took 30 minutes. But I'm moving along now.
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