Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Because There Were Queries

The stockings were hung on the china cabinet with care (and little stocking hanger thingies from The Tree).

They were stuffed with stuff (like candy--mmm chocolate), most of which has been consumed. So there.

One Out Of Two Ain't Bad:

The Arans were unwrapped and tried on. And while the Not Nearly So New As Last Christmas Daughter In Law said she loves hers and it's "comfortable," it really is too big and needs alterations.

She left it with me so that I can do the deed. It's marked. I'm waiting to be fully awake and have some sunlight to work under.

Should be a (relatively) easy fix.

Older Kid's looks like it was made for him, which it was.


all those worries about it being too small, eh? at least the knitting is pretty. are you going to reseam, and trim, or frog? (i shudder at the thought of all that work frogged!)

merry christmas!
Ouch. You are taking this very well. How will you downsize it -- I suspect you will be able to give the rest of us lessons. Beautiful sweaters, both of them.
I think they both look fantastic.

The sweaters are nice, too.
Okay, all the inquiring minds want to know what technique you're going to use to make it smaller. They both turned out lovely though!
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