Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bah, Humbug

Little knitting happened today, though my Work Mentor asked for help with her knitting, so I guess I am now a Knit Mentor. Who would have thunk?
I was making nice progress on the little Dulaan sweater tonight when I decided to go back and read the pattern. Oops.
Had to tink 4 rows and of course, it was 4 of the 2-color rows.
For those who mssed the original post about this puppy (it's been a while since I started it), it's in Kids, Kids, Kids which is an XRX (Knitter's) book. Still in print, available many places.
So, following the tinkage, I was able to cut back to one end on the royal ble, which led to the mess you see above. Giant, tangled, blob of yarn blarf. I have been re-balling for the better part of the evening. I haven't lost ground, but I didn't gain any either.
Additional Fashion Advice:
1) If you are under 15, don't dress like a ho.
2) If you are over 15, same deal.
3) "Hootchie" clothes are especially unbecoming on toddlers.
Happy Solstice to those who celebrate.
This would be the day for the traditional Torching of the Greens to welcome the return of the sun (or to entice it to return, this being the shortest day/longest night of the year here in the Northern Hemispere).
Since we are not allowed to burn stuff outside, we settled for a candle. It wasenough.
Others got a bit carried away. There was a fire event a couple blocks from the food bank this afternoon which necessitated a detour. Some people don't know how to celebrate responsibly.
(Seriously, I hope everyone was okay and that it was the firefighters that got carried away--same crew sent six trucks to investigate a shorted out smoke detector at the food bank. They're thorough!)

Thanks for pointing out the Kids, Kids, Kids book. I needed some new small charts for my hats and found plenty in this book.
Sometimes one forgets what is in the books they own - too many books!
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