Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 Totals

One hundred fifty-six FOs this year. That's nearly one every other day. I knit up 24 2/3 miles and 40 pounds of yarn. At that rate, my stash will be gone in 2 years (fat chance) if I knit strictly from my stash during Knit From Your Stash 2007. Thus the need for the one in, two out rule.


I've been keeping track since 2002. Other years have been more impressive. But in the Very Best (tm) year, I was using my Bond to create lots of hats. This isn't too shabby.

Here's the run-down:

5 adult sweaters
42 hats
4 scarves
16 pairs of slippers
1 afghan
13 child sweaters
2 laprobe/baby blanket
8 pairs of booties/baby socks
1 shawl
7 pairs of mittens
1 christmas stocking
35 afghan squares
7 toys
1 teddy sweater
2 sweat bands
9 christmas ornaments
1 felted bag
1 cat mat
3 place mats

I do believe I'll cast on something new and ring in the new year.

Janice has an interesting take on the Year In Review. Check it out!
Heh. Your list is quite impressive. Me, I was too lazy to keep any sort of total. I think I'm around 30 somewhere, but only if you count all of the washcloths.

Ooh, maybe I'll keep a list of FOs for 2007! Can I count the blanket I finished in 2006 but didn't weave the ends in yet?
Sheepie, you are a knitting madwoman! My total is more like, oh, 15 or so. If that. But I didn't rediscover knitting until July, so... I coulda been a contender had I started in January.

You scare me with the mileage totals. I gotta take it one stitch at a time. Thinking in "miles" would be too overwhelming!
We all have a lot of knitting to do to keep up with you! Pretty impressive. You give me hope for folks from PA (a place that I generally find rather frightening because it is so middle know, philadelphia and pittsburgh and alabama in between).
Ann -- Rabbitch's link needs to be corrected!
Your FO's are, indeed, impressive!
Hey Lisa -- What do you mean Ala. in between -- since I've come back to PA it has become much more 'Southern', at least Pgh area has!!! And, that's Not a bad thing!
Happy New Year with new fiber challenges!
Just wow. That is phenomenal.
Your list is awesome! I haven't even looked at mine yet - I know I finished 1 sweater and 2 pairs of fingerless mitts, but that was in December and I remember knitting in other months too!

I posted my yarn skeins, yards and miles today - as of sometime in 2004 or 2005 - and it's truly frightening. Apparently I fear a worldwide yarn shortage because I know stores that have less yarn!
xvjHmmm, I wonder what perfect paradise the PA-basher calls home? My neighborhood -- in the dread PA -- is full of artists, dancers, musicians, socialists, community activists, and eccentrics of all ilks [can you use the plural with ilk?] -- and those are just the people I know! Who knows what hidden treasures I haven't met yet?

Ann, ever since I realized that every 500 g of sock yarn is more than a mile of yarn, I've been too scared to estimate the length of my stash. And I never would have thought of that without you! Must. . .cast. . .on. . .now. . .
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