Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday Musings

Okay, bite me. Coming up with a catchy title every day isn't easy!

So far today, I have added another 15 or so rows to the Aran Cardigan aka Second First Aran Sweater.


It should be painfully clear that it is bigger even though [mutter] I have miles to go before I sleep! (in actuality, about 3 more inches, or about 2/3 of another diamond repeat until the back is finished and I am 1/3 done). I figure another 27 or so hours, give or take.

It is very possible that I will get this thing finished in time, and still be able to scour the last of the spinning oil out of the yarn and get the seams sewn up and get it blocked and dry. . .by Christmas!

My peaceful evening was somewhat interrupted by the arrival of the floor guy who came to measure our kitchen and bathrooms for new coverings.

We are replacing this white stuff with the trendy green diamonds that really, truly looks in much better shape in this picture (eyes left, please) than it does in real life and is 10+ years old (with all the wear and tear that goes with being the main traffic pattern from There to Anywhere Else in this house) and pulling up in spots and, well you get the picture. . .

And here's the replacement stuff. Tough as nails, and a lot prettier (than nails). It's got a guarantee to beat the band!

The dark stripe is the grout color. It goes down like ceramic, supposedly wears like ceramic, but does not chip and break the first time you drop, oh, say a cast iron skillet on it, like ceramic.

Since we plan to leave this house in matching body bags, it's worth the trouble! Three days to install. Oh, my.

I switched from hats to the blue Dulaan sweater for my car knitting and have added quite a bit.

It's a 26" (about) which some of my pattern books call variously "24 month" or a "2" or a "4." The yarn is Lopi-type and the real stuff (leftovers from sweaters I knit last year). The pattern is in the Summer '90 Knitters. This issue is still available and can be purchased here.

Gentle Readers, fear not for my safety. There are a dozen (actually, more than that depending on the route) traffic lights on my commute home. Oddly, I almost never have to stop on the way there, but I seem to catch every single red on the way here.

And tonight, I was about the 30th car back at the stop sign where I turn to head northish and westward, and there was lots of traffic that we all had to wait for a break in.

And in de-stashing news, the teen daughter of one of my COW-orkers (yes, I know) has joined a knitting club.

I bestowed the remains of the VooDoo on her. I could not bear to knit another stitch with this nasty stuff.

She was thrilled.

I call it enabling.

It felt good.

Both to make her happy and to be rid of this gawdawful crap.
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