Monday, November 13, 2006

Wasted Day

Hop on over to Franklin's blog . I will wait here, giggling madly. Then come on back, 'hear?

I spent the most part of the day running the vacuum in the basement and gathering the trash (it's garbage night). Days off should not be spent mostly cleaning!

But I managed (as I said I would) to get to the armhole decreases on the Aran. I figure I can get in another 2 hours of knitting before I crash. That should be at least one diamond repeat.

It's back to the grind tomorrow. But for tonight, I got one of those robo-calls. From a charity soliciting my donation. Do I tell the calling organization (that I am on a first name basis with) that I will not ever donate to taped pleas?

I do not send money to the "professional firefighters in your community" (because they are volunteers and I don't respond to telephone solicitations) when a live person calls. Why would I send money based on a tape?

No way, no how!
Actually, that's what I tell all telephone solicitors: "We do not respond to telephone solicitations. Please put us on your Do Not Call list."

If it happens to be an organization that I support, I tell them that I do, then repeat the mantra in the first paragraph. I didn't invite them into my home, I have no obligation to them because they invited themselves.
That aran is lovely!

And I agree with you on the phone calls; plus, I've read that the professional telephone fundraisers take an unbelievable percentage of whatever they solicit.
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