Friday, November 24, 2006

Too Short? Whadda Ya Mean, Too Short?


See that wonderful Sweater Still In Pieces? See that Piece of Paper that clearly states: sleeve length-21 1/2"? See that tape measure clearly measuring 21 1/2" for the total length of the sleeve?

See me carefully removing the bound off stitches and sliding them back onto the needle?

See me adding another 2" to the sleeve length?

That's pretty much ho the whole day has gone.

I was able to knit a bit in the car driving back and forth between our house and the flooring dealer. We have decided to bite the bullet and replace the kitchen vinyl with something that looks a lot like ceramic tile.

Unfortunately, all of the samples we brought home the first trip had a whole lot of pink cast to them. So back we went for another batch.

I don't want stark white (it's a kitchen) and the gray tones and the bluish tones just look wrong with the honey oak and the creamy countertops.

I think we found the right one. We're waiting for it to "grow" on us.
Some days are like that, unfortunately. Have had a lot of them lately here. As you know we just finished the kitchen remodel. We have honey oak cabinets and "sahara" corian countertops. After much searching, we went with Congoleum Xclusive, think the color is multi bisque stone. I kwym about the different color tones. Kathy, the frugal one
in the immortal words of Scarlett O'H: Tomorrow is another day.

Hope it is better.
Not sure I understand what happened, but I hope the fixing goes quickly. I hesitate to mention it, but the neck opening looks rather small in the photo. Have you tried it out? Maybe I'm still delirious from the flu and should just shut up....
Bad sleeve. It should have known better.

Joy on the remodeling!
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