Monday, November 06, 2006

Three Days In a Row

Knitting was just not going to happen today, was it?

I spent some time clearing up the mess I made in the Other Half's office, moving my summer "wardrobe" to that closet, and my winter wardrobe to the one in here. Fear not, my winter colorway is just as dull as the one I wear in the summer. Beige, black, gray.

Then, I boxed up a bunch of stuff and shipped it off to the Reservation. Now, you can actually walk in there without tripping over much but some minor computer equipment.

I did get one more repeat done, but Sports Fans, I am slowing down. There are so many other things I'd like to be working on. Anything that isn't beige, for example. Give me some red or purple. Or even pink!


Even my furry escapes are beige. I seem to have fallen into one of those pre-color worlds. (It's a scarf, in case you couldn't tell. Muppet pelt.)

Fortunately, I'm almost finished with the knitting. The weaving will take a few minutes, then I can toss it in the corner.

Would a pair of beady eyes make it loveable? I didn't think so.

Just for the sake of showing that something got accomplished today, I wove in the ends of the latest car hat.

This one will wind up somewhere. Perhaps Ship Support or the Reservation. It's definitely adult size, and though not as deep as I would like, it fits me (and covers my ears).

That's it. The last of the Kool Wool except for about 2 yards of the claret that I am saving in the event my Surprise Jacket ever needs repair.

Snowblower Update

Isn't it pretty? May it stay this way right on through the next few years!

See, you're getting a lot done, anyway. And, you have all of tonight, so you'll get knitting accomplished! And, you'll have to cast on for another car project, if you haven't already! (Maybe another colorful one away from the neutral palette!)
my husband got a snow blower 2 years ago that is big enough to drag him around if he's not careful (and he's 6'8"!). he didn't get to use it last year, lol, i think we got 3 real snows and it all melted before he could get it out, lol! i'm waiting for the boys' to beg to use it!

i like the hat, and if it covers your ears, that works.

maybe you need to cast on a hat for the reservation that you can turn to when the beigeness just gets to be too much? maybe fair projects for next year?

and i always thought fun fur looked like shredded muppets. you've just confirmed it, lol
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