Friday, November 03, 2006

Rethinking Goals

Less than 24 hours ago, I thought that I could knit a ball a day on this second Aran. That's 109 yards. Doable, or so I thought.

Forgot something.


I have to go to work!

So, a ball a day (109 yards) is possible. If I don' t work all day. (Not that cleaning isn't work.)

I've reset my sights. One repeat a day?

And there's no way this will be finished by the 25th of November. Except that I have a couple of 3-days coming up. So maybe I can.

If I don't clean or cook or talk to anyone for the next 23 days. . .

Not a snowball's chance, huh? (For the record, I can knit about 40 yards in an hour. In stockinette. Cables slow any knitter down at least a little. You do the math.)

Amy asked if I'm having fun. Damn straight! (I'd do this all day long if I didn't have to go to work!)

Nancy, I hope your faith isn't misplaced and misguided!

Elizabeth, check your email for info. For the rest of you, the pullover is in Patons Classic Family Aran Knits. I bought mine from . Click on patterns, then scroll way down.

The cardigan is in Knitters (Winter '96). I don't know if it's in Best of Arans and Celtics. (And I'm too lazy to trot downstairs to check.)
What if you hook yourself up to a liquid calorie/vitamin sustenance and a catheter and take a bunch of could knit ALL day! OK, I'm being gross, you have a worthy goal! Is it for you? If not, you can always give a NINJA gift, one with the needles still attached! (and a promise to return it without the needles)
I reckon birthday is a dead loss & will only stress you. I'd go for one at Xmas & 1 for St Pat's. To be truly honest with you, as long as you have started & are working on them regularly, then the kids won't complain. And if they do, threaten to give the FOs to charity - that will quieten them (evil grin)
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