Saturday, November 11, 2006


I'm still working on the Aran--7 of 24 balls knat up.

This is the front. Ribbing plus one diamond repeat finished. One ball's progress.

I plan to spend the better part of the next couple days working on this and hope expect to be at least at the armhole decreases by the time I go back to the saltmines on Tuesday.

No more long weekends (except for Thanksgiving) until December. :bah:

And here's a shot of the car hats for November.

The Ragg is a wool ack blend (50/50) that I have used for boot socks in the past. It's a heavy worsted weight, fuzzy, and very warm. The stripe is a bit of leftover Cervinia Sorrento (100% ack, but in a nice way). I'm making this one on a size 7 for a fairly dense fabric. I cast on 100 stitches, ribbed a 2" cuff, then switched to stockinette.

The brown blob is chenille Velour by Bernat. Buck a ball (I got 2) at the Tree, originally intended for teddiness or some other sort of toy thing. I cast on 44 stitches on size 10.5 16" circular and knit until I couldn't stand t any more was almost out of yarn from the one skein, then I decreased by skp (slip, knit, pass stitch over knit stitch) because I was pretty sure that k 2 tog wasn't going to work very well.

Here's the hat all finished. Probably will fit a 10 year old with cold ears and no taste a love of velvety things. (Isn't that most 10 year olds?)

I might sew on some little gauzy flowers that I have stashed some place, 'cause it's pretty dull-looking as it is.

I have another ball of this stuff. This could well go in the next box for the reservation. It's soft and lush feeling, but a real bear to knit. My hands hurt! I think it would be better for crafting.

It's fairly warm for November, but clouding up. And rain is predicted for tomorrow and Monday. Today might be a good day to mow the lawn one last time and clean the leaves out of the rain gutters before it's too cold to address that task.

Then, I'll retire to the basement and knit the afternoon and eening away.

Join me?
Coming right along on the sweater! The rain has come in here but we were able to get quite a bit of fall cleanup done the last 2 glorious days. IMHO don't add a flower to the hat. There are many people who love the feel and look of chenille but Hate flowers on clothing. Maybe safety pin the flower on, if you must? Good use of stash ;-)
i wish i could join you!
I'll only join you if you have some infectious disease :-p
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