Sunday, November 12, 2006

Not Even My Birthday

There was a present waiting for me in the living room this morning.

Apparently, Sparky took the "worthless piece of cat" label to heart and decided to prove her worth. Step up to the plate, so to speak.

Since there wasn't a mark on the little thing, I am suspectng natural causes.

I think this makes 4 now. I hope we are coming to an end to the home invasion.

Haven't identified the killer for sure. We put the CSI team on it.

And lest you think I did nothing at all yesterday (but watch football and eat), here's the progress on the front of the Aran pullover. I really do think I might make the November 25 deadline!

I've knit 9 (almost) of 24 balls (37.5%) and have 15 left to knit. That's 37.5 hours of knitting left to go.

And I'm home tomorrow. (Note that I did not say "off" since I am "off" a little most days!)
Aran coming along well -- and maybe you'll have yarn left over so maybe you're farther along than you think ;-)Cats are necessary! Mine brings presents without marks, too. And the next door neighbor's orange tabby hunts the 4 closest house and we're all very happy with George's endeavors!
I am in awe of your speed in knitting Aran. Wow.
That's it! Prove us wrong that you get the Aran done on time. I've bet the mortgage of the house that you won't. The winnings was going to go towards my Rhinebeck spending spree. sobs
maybe the mouse died of a heart attack when it saw the cat?

sweater is looking groovy! i've been squaring (making squares, lol) for AC4C. their charity this month is Pine Ridge, and they're getting squares together to make blankets for seniors in the Oyateca project (i KNOW that's not spelled right!)
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