Thursday, November 16, 2006

Makes Me Proud

Sometimes you get the chance to give a kid the world. Today, I got that chance!

The Rotary Club of which I am a member presented Dictionaries to third graders in all the public elementary schools in our city.

I was fortunate to be able to go along for the dictionary lesson and presentation in one Inner City school today.

It's an older school (built in MCMIX, I think), so nearly C years old! Steep stairs lead to the front door. The building is 3 stories tall. I did not see an elevator, though I know that some of the district's buildings have them.

It's not air conditioned (or climate controlled--the heat was blasting), and there's no carpet. But the enthusiasm of those eight and nine year olds was contagious.

You see, they get to have these dictionaries for their very own. To Keep Forever!

The books we provided are brand new! They even mention Pluto's demotion. That new!

Oh, wait, did I mention the Stuff In The Back? The text of the U.S. Constitution, bios of all 43 presidents, maps of the continents, the Periodic Table, metric conversions, facts about the 50 states. Way cool!

And here is my partner in crime, dispensing wisdom to the kids.

I have known G for a good many years. He was a businessman and a member of a Board I Was On when we met. Later, he retired from that job and became food bank director while the search for a permanent director was conducted. Then he ran for office and became a county commissioner. Then he was appointed head of human services for the county. Then he finally retired again. And he plays Santa every December.

He plans to travel. We shall see.

Judith commented: I linked from the Dulaan group. I looked for your Kool Aid dyeing instructions, but can't find them. I attempted Kool Aid dyeing earlier this year. The result was extremely uneven. Tell me your secret to even colouring.

Judith, the secret to Kool-Aid satisfaction is to love the look of "kettle dyed" wool (think Manos solids or Araucania Nature Wool). It's variegated, but not. I suspect that using more Kool-Aid might be a partial solution, but I really like the look. Sorry to not be more helpful.

I will say, though that I made sure that the wool had been "scoured" (soaked in hot water with a bit of dish soap) then spun out to just damp before I started.

Aran Update: I reached the shoulder! (Okay, only on one side, but I should be able to finish the front in about another hour. Wooo Hoo! Then I can start the sleeves (and remember why I always knit the sleeves first except this time).

My handy yarn gauge tells me that I have 28 2/3 hours of knitting left to go. Anyone keeping score is welcome to dispute that figure.

Nanna, you may win the bet!

In the foreground, the most recent car hat. Finished up tonight. (If it hadn't been for that %&*%$ hat, I'd be finished with the Aran front!)
Is that partner in crime the same man as the other half?
Awesome! Who knows how many lives have been changed...just by the simple gift of a *brand new book* all their own.

Did you know that Dolly Parton (yes, the singing one) has a program that give every child in TN up til the age of 5 (I think) brand new free books?
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