Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lessons In Life

Lesson 1: When the power goes out, it is very, very dark in the house (especially the basement).
Lesson 2: Flashlights should always be where you are expecting them to be (not 5' away from where you expect them to be, especially when it is very very dark)

Lesson 3: There are few ways to seam reverse stockinette stitch so that it looks really, really good.

Case in point:

The Aran, he is finished.

Pattern: Patons Classics (book 950, available from with modifications (change sleeve cap, widen sleeve)

Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Wool Color 282 (Oatmeal Heather), 109 yards/50 g. Size XL took a hair less than 18 skeins.

And so, I finished it by the birthday (today), but will hold it until Christmas (30 days away) and now finish the Aran cardigan that is On The Needles.

Stay tuned.
woot! now you can move on to the other oatmeal! (you'll never knit with this color again, lol!)

i have very little night vision, so when the lights go out unexpectedly, i just sit and let every one else stumble around in the dark, lol
Congrats on finishing that sweater, especially with all the changes you had to make to get it to fit!
Congratulations! Looks great.
Hurray! Congrats on a beautiful FO.
The Aran, he looks very, very good. Probably looks very, very good in the dark, too. Well done!
Ann, Congrats on finishing a lovely Aran sweater. Nice job!
Nice! And if you remind me about xmas again I'm going to fly there and slap you. I have MONTHS to do this knitting. Mmkay?
Gorgeous! Nice work. You must be very pleased.
Bet you haven't heard this yet, the sweater looks gorgous! Can't wait to see the other one finished.

I followed your link from Knittalk -- just so you know. (I always want to know where my visitors come from.)
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