Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's November the One

First of the month again and time for an honest appraisal of the current Works in Progress.

Should Blogger's photo upload decide to cooperate, there will be a group shot. So far, the photo has been taken, color-enhanced, cropped. Now I am attempting to upload one lousy photo. So far, four attempts have failed. Perhaps five's the charm today. We shall see.

Update: Five was the charm!

For your viewing pleasure (or not), there is the Selfish September Ragg in the background. So close to completion. . .Maybe by the weekend? All that's left is the small area from the front neck up and the neck ribbing itself.

On the left, Dulaan sweater with issues. Something went a little wonky with the gauge, but I'm sure it can be resuced. The pattern calls for a band at the bottom (hem). I might make it considerably wider for balance. The sleeves are quite long. I love the colors!

Front and center, the second Aran. Just the back ribbing. Obviously, it needs work.

The green blob is the other Selfish September sweater. No further along. Untouched the entire month of October. I may need to declare Selfish Sunday every week just to see some progress.

And bringing up the rear (so to speak), the Super Secret Aran project. Two full repeats completed. I had hoped to be at the arm pit by now. Guess that ain't happening. Cropped version? I don't think so.
SSR sweater will be great for wearing this weekend since the cold front's coming thru!
Did you invent the first-of-the-month UFO inventory/photo? Because if you did you are a genius. I think all bloggers should do it. I should do it.

ahem. All OTHER blogger should do it. I'm too busy trying to finish these.
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