Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is It Friday Yet?

and the back of the Second (or First) Aran Sweater is finished.

One third of the sweater (according to conventional wisdom), one third of the yarn I have set aside for this project, twenty-seven hours to go. Piece of cake!

(Did I mention that I am off on Monday?)

I would love to be finished with this. The unscoured yarn is very rich in lanolin and very rough. I have lots of little snags on my yarn carrying finger and they hurt.

/whine mode off/

It's really very pretty.

The little Dulaan sweater continues to grow. The shoulder is knit together and the first sleeve has begun it's downward trek.

This yarn too, is hard on the hands, but I know from experience that it softens a lot with the first wash.

And it's warm, which is the main thing where it's going.

I had company tonight while I knat.

They aren't much for conversation, but the company is nice.

And so ends November, and though I didn't sign up for that Post a Day deal, I did, indeed, post every day.

Where are my cookies?
Missy Sniffs Rosie, is often my knitting companion - just a few paces away, with her bum facing me. When she thinks i have knat enuf, I have to get cuddles from her. This entails her jumping into my lap & licking my hand, whilst I scratch her.

I love it! My lap monsters are Jake, Zander, Ophelia, Sam and Tyler. All cats. Yep. Five. Scary. Especially when more than one decides simultaneously that I have knat enough.
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