Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Guess It's Progress

I have passed the armpit underarm and am moving ahead, but it seems that I have slowed down considerably. No, there are no pictures, but I was able to compare the real life version with the photo from yesterday. Not even 20 rows! :poop!: And I was at it for nearly 2 hours!

I did the math on this one, too, and based on the lengthening I did and the 40 yards per hour calculation I used for the First Second Christmas Aran, I will need to devote a total of 41 hours to this sweater. Since I am a little more than half finished with the knitting of the back, and since back, front, and 2 sleeves each consume about 1/3 of the yarn in a sweater, I think I'm a little over 1/6 done. (Still with me?) So, 34 more hours?

I can do this!

Buttons were ordered and arrived.

Film later.
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