Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Four to Go

This is where the picture of the four Dulaan hats I have finished would be if IE7 and the upgraded software for my camera were at all compatible.

Ah, ha! All it took was 3 reboots and 4 reloads!

Little hats in all- or mostly-wool ready to mail. All but the gray and blue one (bottom left) are homespun (but not by me).

But first I want to make a couple of little sweaters. And maybe grab some little sneakers from the sale bin. Or a couple little pairs of boots. Those bare feet really got to me. Can you tell?

And lest you think that I have been sitting idly by, I did one diamond repeat on the second sleeve. Six more to go.

This one took about 90 minutes, so I figure that I will have completed the major knitting (just the neck ribbing and seaming to finish) in about 10 more hours. /whew/ Didn't think I'd make it, did you?

And here's the thing. Since we won't see the Older Kid on or near his birthday, and since he decided that what he wants (not knowing about this wonderful sweater) is a couple things from Ranger Joe , well that sure got moi off the hook, so to speak.

Thursday and Friday are "days off" for me. I will finish the knitting and the blocking of the individual pieces. It's even possible (if the dehumidifier does its job) that I will be ready to seam and finish by the 25th.

But I'm no longer under the gun.

Where is that blue Lopi yarn?
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