Sunday, November 26, 2006

Falling Off a Bicycle, or Trust Your Nanna

The First Christmas Aran is soaking nicely in a tub of warm water and lavender scented bubble bath, so I took the calm quiet of the early Sunday morning to haul out the Second Christmas Aran (which was started first, but will be completed second so, therefore. . .nevermind).

Look familiar? Nanna said, back in October, that I would breeze right along once the pattern was committed to memory.

Here's exactly what he said back on October 24: "How many repeats have you done?? None, so far, so you are still at the learning stage. Recalculate the hrly rate, after the 2nd repeat & I think you will be pleasantly surprised. "

And I was, though I doubt that this one will go as fast as the first second because those little "chain" cables require manipulation with two cable needles at the same time. Interesting technique.

And truth be told, the "diamond cables" aren't true cables. That is, if you define 'cable' as having crossed or twisted stitches. Look closely--the edges of the diamonds are traveling but don't actually cross.
Cables, schmables, that is beautiful. Although I may have to doubt your sanity just a little to attempt two (2!) Arans for Christmas knitting. Knit on!
Gosh! Don't make my head swell. :-D This is one lovely design & yr DIL is going to love it. I'm very pleased that the progress is rushing along & that there are enough variability to keep that interest going.
It IS lovely, Ann - what's the pattern for this one?
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