Monday, November 20, 2006

Dust Myself Off

Yes, it's time to "pick myself up" because I can feel a serious bout of pre-holiday depression coming on.

And so, I dabble in the very dangerous hobby of "retail therapy." I Do Not Need Any More Yarn! And I Will Not Buy Any Either!

But there are lovely things everywhere I look.

I just need to look a little more closely at the stuff in my stash, don't I?

It isn't as though there isn't a ton big bunch of yarn on the shelves.
Yes, those are hand-knit sweaters (mostly). And hand-knit Christmas stockings, too.

Some years, there were Christmas sweaters, but mostly, sweaters were made and worn as soon as they were finished.

There was no mad frenzy of Christmas Knitting in the dark of night so that there would be Surprise Sweaters under the tree.

No, sweaters were made and worn as soon as the last end was woven in.

I dearly hate this time of year. It bothers me to see and hear the sounds of people throwing themselves deep into debt to make what they hope will be a "happy holiday," and how it simply never is.

It's hard to put a finger on where this general feeling of sadness starts. I cannot remember many happy childhood Christmases, and the ones of my teen years were an absolute horror. It was only when I went away to college and married that holidays began to look a little bright.

And Christmas with small children! There's nothing better.

I hate that people call looking for a Thanksgiving turkey (though I certainly understand the need for a bit of holiday cheer) when its likely that there's no cereal for breakfast, and no peanut butter for lunch, but lord knows, there's got to be a turkey on the table even if the leftovers won't be fit to eat because there's no refrigerator to store them.

I hate that there will be fortunes spent on "retail therapy" by people who can't afford to put sneakers on their kids' feet.

I'm appalled that there are guys camped out waiting for the release of the latest $500 game system and that those same guys won't have the cash to pay the electric bill so that they can run that system.

I hate that Christmas is no longer Little House on the Prairie sparse in the gift department and generous with the things that matter.

When did we lose that spirit?

Can we get it back?

How much does it cost?

Aran update: The first sleeve is bound off and I'm starting to worry that it still isn't big enough! It needs a good soak and block. Second sleeve is On The Needles and looking good.

Please let it be big enough!
My fingers are crossed for you on the aran.

I agree with you on the whole holiday thing too. I try to keep it very very simple. But I have gotten in bad places at times. I remember one year not to long ago that I stayed up all night and then into Christmas morning working on an afghan for my brother and his wife.
There is *nothing* better than Christmas with small children. Nothing. :)
my kids aren't little any more, and i miss that. however, there are people who do enjoy the season. i don't mind it. my bag is finding the "perfect" gift. i don't buy many, but i want it to be just right. and i won't go into debt, either, regardless of what video games my boys want, lol.

good luck with the aran!
When did we lose that spirit?

Can we get it back?

Yes, Ann, we can get it back, one family at a time. WE can ignore the frenzy, put our energies in the things we want to do, that are healthy. Keep the gifts small, make a financial sacrifice for the disadvantaged, all in a Spitit of Love, and watch what happens to your own heart.
I'll say it with you ... PLEASE let it be big enough ...

When we stop making Christmas about "things" and start making it about "love", we MIGHT get it back ... we might ...
It'll be big enough. It had better.

Oh, Christmas, Thanksgiving. I pretty much ignore them as best I can, which is a lot eaiser in my childless divorced state.
Love this post. And yes, you can get it back, just as anonymous said. You just start ignoring the "more, more, more" and buy less,less,less. It's not easy, but the results are worth it. The pay-off is double, because once you say no to more *stuff*, it becomes easier to say no to more *activities*. And then you get to spend the season concentrating on others, and enjoying your family.
I love that sweater.

I love your post too. The consumerism doesn't shock me-- I was 10 years old watching people physically beat each other for cabbage patch dolls and BMX bikes on television. It horrified me then, and it horrifies me now and to this day I get creeped out by "Christmas shoppers"
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