Saturday, November 04, 2006

Doing the Math

Back to the inconsequentialwhining complaining grousing musing about the Math of the Aran, I actually sat and did the math!

I have 25 balls of Highland Wool (2725 yards--each ball is 109 yards). The pattern calls for 12-100 g balls (200 yards/ball or thereabouts) so I am thinking that 2400 yards (whew, there's enough). I have finished knitting roughly 2.5 balls (about 275 yards) so I still have (roughly) 2125 yards left to knit.

Are you still with me?

At 40 (roughly) yards per hour, that means that I have (roughly) 53+ hours left to knit. Yeh, yeh, plus blocking and such and at 2 hours a normal weeknight (4 per week) and 4 hours on the weekend days/nights (2 per week)--notice I'm giving myself a day off for good behavior, showering, and paying bills, I could be finished by Tuesday.

Would you like to chew on the other side of this mushroom, Alice?

No, seriously. When you actually sit and do the math, it's possible. Probable? Not so much.

There has been progress as you can plainly see. The box lid that I am using as a staging area is very nearly obscured.

And then, there's the car knitting, because No One In Her Right Mind would attempt cables in the car at stop signs.

Here's the Kool Wool, knat up into a warm hat. It's not as deep as I'd like, but I'm running out of yarn :eep: so I've decided to decrease faster and hope for the best. (I seem to be doing that a lot lately.)

This is the very last of the Kool Wool. I won't be getting more. Not because I don't like it. I do like it. Because it's discontinued and, well, I should be am on a Stash Reduction Plan.

Confession time. Since all of the yarn I've acquired lately is earmarked for something, I have chosen not to "stash" it. It will not be showing up on the sidebar on Monday. There is (literally) miles of it, yet I am refusing to call it "stash" because I have big plans.

Clearly, I am floating down that Egyptian River again, and without benefit of a paddle! Besides the huge whack of wool that I am dyeing (and haven't cas on a single stitch with), there is the Highland Tweed (being knit into the cardigan) and the several luxury skeins I bought for "trying out" (see comment about newly dyed wool) and the Highland Wool that I am using for the Aran Pullover. :looks around: and the stuff Leah and Rabbitch sent me. Shall I go on?

Another Country Heard From:VooDoo hat aside, this stuff is gving me fits! I don't know what posessed me to buy it--no wait--Two Words: Dollar Tree.

It's taking up valuable space. It isn't an eyelash in the strictest terms (so therefore, not especially suited for much of anything). I decided to give it one last chance as a sideways scarf.

I'm really having my doubts. (Thank the FSM that there isn't a whole lot of it, and that I didn't spend much money getting it!)

Okay, time to hunker down. I have declared this to be a three-day weekend and I will be spending much of it watching the TiVo'd House marathon and football and knitting. Since I was off last wek, the bathrooms aren't even filthy!

But first, the Other Half and I will venture out on a Quest To Buy a Snow Blower. Regular Readers will recall that we went through this ritual about 10 months ago, but wound up "just looking." Today, we are buying.

That should keep it from snowing at all this winter.
Wow, you've made incredible progress on the aran! All that cabling and moss stitch, and you've still done what looks from here like a repeat and a half. Talk about your Turbo needles! Good for you.

Have a great weekend. I hope you get lots of knitting done and that all of your teams win (unless, of course, they happen to be playing against MY teams! LOL).
I love the Aran. I've looked at lots of them but never seen one that has the exact combination of cables that Seems Right. Yours does -- I especially love the wide center section of intertwined cables.

Re: the snowblower. If you end up not buying one now, remember to go shopping for one again next April or May, when the stores want to get rid of them. Way to save money (more for non-stashed yarn then).
Your math was giving me a headache although I did follow it! Of course maybe you could knit it faster if you didn't have any other projects/thoughts/meals or anything else (?math) to get in your way! The sweater looks awesome...I can't wait to see the finished version in what, 53 or so hours!
Yes! I just know you Can do it! (And, please buy a snowblower that will keep the snow away from me, too! They're predicting a cold November, December, January and snow in the 48-52" range from November thru April for Pittsburgh. Yuck!)
Oh no! Never figure out how long it will take you to knit something. It's the Kiss of Death for my projects. But then again, I'm the Slowest Knitter Ever.

Good luck with the actual purchase of a snow blower this year!
Your math is scaring me. And Tuesday? No. Just deal with it.

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