Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Calling Charlotte!

Okay, this is the level to which I've stooped.

Some knitting was accomplished tonight, but only when I was able to ignore the loud and obnoxious buzzing of the World's Biggest Fly that was dive bombing me every chance it got.

Of course part of the time, it was banging against the window and flying about near the floor and driving a tiny spider that had chosen the warmth of the electric heat unit to build its web absolutely bonkers.

I know this because the poor tiny thing went positively ape shit every time the fly got in range, scrambling hither and yon on its web.

Let's just say that my aim improved and I finally slapped that fly to its eternal reward with the Lands' End Christmas catalog.

If Spidey hasn't done something with it by morning, it'll go in the trash.

Yes, I am a little weird. Why?

Back to knitting.
I suppose the fly beats the other little critter "presented" for you! So much "distraction" from knitting ... hope you can get back to the wonderful cables now!
Ah, the Land's End Christmas catalog. That's what kept me amused tonight whilst waiting for the assorted pasta in the boiling water to morph from almost crunchy to soft-enough-to-eat.
I *encourage* my spiders to earn their keep as well.

Recently I have been dealing with large blowies - they love congregating around the front screen door; they are also VERY dumb!
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