Sunday, November 19, 2006

Back On Track For the Moment

Despite yesterday's setback, I refuse to give up!

I had completed 2 2/3 diamond repeats when I discovered how narrow the sleeve was turning out. I'm well past that point (7" left to go) and moving forward nicely.

The problem is (isn't there always?) I'm really growing weary of oatmeal. Thirteen Skeins knat up. (In theory) Nine more to go, though I'm thinking it won't be nearly that many! And most of another sweater.

What I'd like to do is break out the Lopi and Lopi-look-alike yarns and cast on this sweet little sweater. And the hat, too!

This could easily become my next car project!

It calls for 5 skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky in 4 colors. I'm looking at leftovers from 3 sweaters that are probably enough to make 2 of these. Size 10s. No cables. Tempting.

Must Finish Arans.

Christmas is right around the corner. I can tell, because one of the neighbors strung the lights and another filled the window boxes with velvet Poinettias. It isn't even Thanksgiving, for the love of FSM!

Of course, another more distant neighbor covered all his bases. Front and center on the lawn: Giant Turkey in Pilgrim Hat. Flanked by lifesize Santa, Sleigh, and 8 Humungous Reindeer. And Nativity, also lifesize. Oh, my merciful lord!

Scrooge (aka The Other Half) and I will put out our Tasteful Wreath (complete with sheep) in time for the arrival of the Older Kid and the No Longer New Daughter In Law. It'll be back in storage by New Year's Day. Humbug!

Spotted on Main Street: I thought I had seen it all when we were in Foggy Bottom (the area of Washington, D.C., near George Washington University and the State Department and Embassy Row) . We were having breakfast in the restaurant of our hotel when we were joined by a family of tourists (oh, please, say they were tourists!) in their jammies.

Friday, I was driving past the Turkey Hill (regional equivalent of the Quickie Mart) when I spotted someone coming out, newspaper in one hand, coffee in the other, dressed in jammies and bunny slippers. Truly, I have now seen it all!

Replies to comments:
Anonymous asked if Partner in Crime and The Other Half are the same person.

Nope. But they are both my good friends.

And a Question from the Sheepie:
So, the little sweater, shades of blue?
Yr mantra for the week: Oatmeal is good! Oatmeal is good!

I'm always happy to lose a bet if the competitor deserves to win. Now! you are soo close, don't give up on me.
blue, definitely. and i'm with you about teh decorations. i have bought lights, but refuse to put them up before thanksgiving, so they usually don't get put up. also, last year i didn't get my tree up until dec 23rd, and it came down jan 2. i'm just not into it much anymore (now halloween is a different story!)
Little sweater, shades of blue indeed.

And um, I walked through SeaTac International Airport in cow slippers and a flannel nightshirt decorated with cows in party hats once.

Don't ask. I have a colourful past.
Starting a *little* sweater whilst Aran is still OTN? That way lies the slippery slope, sister (nice alliteration, huh?) Do that and before you know it you'll have a couple [need I say different?] socks in progress, plus a sweater or three, a scarf, and some squares for an afghan.

Then again, that probably sounds pretty good right now.
I bet you persevere.

Jammies are the new outdoor wear, I guess. I saw umpty ump teenagers in them driving home by the high school on Friday. And to think my dad wouldn't let me out of the house in a halter top.
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