Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back, Back, I Say!

The back of the Aran pullover is finished! Hooray, I say.

I did a fair amount of adjusting to make it suit the recipient. The pattern has set-in sleeves which I rather like, but Older Kid likes a modified drop shoulder, so I worked a bit with Ann Budd (the knitter's handy book of sweater patterns) and refigured the armholes, shoulders, and sleeves.

Then, I cast on for the front.

I was pleased (for the most part) with the results of the U.S. elections, and this afternoon's press conference just tickled me silly. Is our Commander In Chief finally listening?

We can only hope.

Back is Lookin' Good! And tomorrow a pic of front progress! You really are amazing!
It's looking great. I hope you take a picture of the sleeves before you sew them in -- or is it going to be worked from the shoulder down?
lookin' good!

as for yesterday's announcement, i'm not surprised. rumsfeld knew he wasn't liked by the democratic contingent, and with the democrats taking over congress, i'm sure the pressure would have been on double time. and that's all i'm saying politically (i don't do politics, lol)
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