Wednesday, November 22, 2006

At Least Pretend!

that you are a little surprised that I cast on again! Consider it car-knitting!

Little sweater for Dulaan From Knitter's 19 (Summer '90) in leftover Lopi and Gjestal Naturgarn #1, one from Iceland, the other from Norway, two places where it's been known to get a bit cold. I'm using 4 shades of blue.

This should make a nice, warm sweater. And already (halfway up the back), I'm thinking of changes.

I think this one I will make "by the book," but the next one (if there's a next one) will likely be a pullover.

I've found several likely candidates among my patterns, books, and magazines. And I have lots of this wonderful bulky stuff in a nice range of colors.

Best part? Cast on of 44 stitches for the back. Biggish needles, fast knit!

And in the line of not-car knitting (and is unlikely to ever cross over to that particular "dark side") I got through 2+ diamond repeats tonight watching TiVo'd Grey's Anatomy and Lost episodes.

Tomorrow is mine (until time to make dinner--a lovely pork loin, no turkey in this house!) so it's entirely possible that I can get through the remaining 4 repeats (I figure 6 hours).

The knitting (at least) will be finished on or before the 25th, barring major mishaps.
Pretty Dulaan sweater. I'm a big fan of blue. Looks like a fun knit,
eautiful Cable Sweater..
What is that pattern from with the "biggish" nedles ?? :)

Hey.. Sorry.. The " B" is missing in Beautiful
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