Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another 14 Rows--Update

That was all I managed to squeeze out tonight in 2 hours. Good grief!

I need 4 more inches (at least) before the back is finished. There are no photos!

I making a little progress on the Dulaan sweater, too. I've decided that pullover is the way to go. It's cold in Mongolia. Buttons fall off. And get lost. So I'm modifying again.

There might be pictures tomorrow. Of Aran and Dulaan and Aran buttons. Maybe. If you are very good. Or I am.
Hey, these things happen! I'm very interested in seeing your Dulaan sweater - once I finish baby sets, I'm going to start making sweaters for the kids at the community center. I hate seeing the threadbare clothes they wear.
i made a vest with ties, so they wouldn't fall off, lol.
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