Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why There Was No Knitting

I got to spend the better part of the evening in the Emergency Room. It was busy and crowded and there was a 5.5 hour wait.

I said "rapid pulse," and "irregular heart rate" and 4 hours later, I was back home, hooked up to one of these:

for the next 24 hours (until 9 tonight).

No shower. But I get to stay home (doctor's orders). But I have some "quiet" work I can do here.

So I will.

And knit.

And not clean the bathroom.

I'm plugging away on hats. Nine are finished and one more is nearly so. I'm ready to cast on a sweater for Dulaan. I'm ready to ball up some more of the Highland Tweed, and I have ordered Elann Highland Wool for the second Aran sweater.

Answers to recent comments: The Voodoo hat took about 2.5 balls. I probably could have gotten away with 2, but I think it would have been skimpy. I'm thinking that I should use some of it for cuffs. On mittens. Hat pattern's the same one I've been using. I cast on 56 and used size 13s.

Ammonia/penny yarn is shown August 18, 2006, post.
Fibery wishes coming your way from over the Alleghenies.
Hope you're doing okay.
they really need to do something about the waits at emergency rooms, particularly with things like your affliction. they are always saying that things need to happen within minutes of heart attacks, strokes, etc, and yet, you waited for 4 hours? ridiculous.

and iwent back & looked at the yarn. yummy. i htink i gotta try that next summer.

hope all's well with the heart (but at least you have a doctor's note to knit, sort of, lol)
Hope it's nothing serious. Enjoy the kntting time.
Thanks for the info about the Voodoo hat.

You are still young, and will recover quickly from the episode.

From what I observe, I would say that you need a little more down time and time to just relax.I bet the DR. told you that already.
Get well and put yourself first for a change.
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