Thursday, October 12, 2006

What's the Hurry?

The Highland Tweed yarn is all washed to remove spinning oils and finally dry (It takes a while to skein up 3000 yards of yarn, wash it, and get it dry!)

So tonight, I was ready to take the first hank (1000 yards) and started to prepare it for knitting.

First, I cut the ties that kept it from tangling. Then, I put the hank around this box to keep it from tangling (do I sense a theme?)

As every knitter knows (or soon discovers), you can't knit from the hank (unless you are one of those lucky knitters who owns a swift-hint, hint--but I digress).

In order to knit your newly scoured yarn, you must first form it into a ball (center-pull, please).

And since I don't own a nostepinne either (hint, hint--walnut, please), I use this thing which is part of a funnel-shaped ricer dealie that I used to use back in the Dark Ages to make purees for canning. (Applesauce, catsup, the whole deal. Earth Mother. Bite me!)

Works just fine for this task! (And it's not like it's getting any sort of workout with food prep any more!)

Here's how I plan to spend my Sunday! Some more of that amber wool is about to become more colorful.

I plan to use it to knit kid-sweaters for Dulaan, so I thought, oh, what the heck! The yarn was inexpensive enough that I could toss some cash on Kool-Aid to dye it!

Already have a couple of patterns in mind, too.
Ok, so I bought a cone or two (coughcough) of the Highland Tweed, too. How did you wash yours to get the spinning oil out of it? Just the usual wool-washing way? Anything special?
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