Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What the?

Reading over several forums, lists and blogs over the last few days brought this question to mind:

Why are people afraid of their knitting?

Seriously. It's not carpentry or dressmaking where once you plunge in, if you screw up, you're toast.

With knitting, you screw up, you frog. Yarn's reusable (mostly). This was where I was going to insert a picture of a frogged ball of baby cashmere, but it (the ball, there's no photo yet) has disappeared. WTF?

So, imagine a wavy little 50 g ball of salmon yarn over there to the left.

I started Branching Out, but decided that it and I were not compatible, and besides, the color wasn't right. I was thinking that a nice celery or chocolate would be better with my winter (camel) coat. So this ball is destined to become baby socks. (That's assuming that I can find the yarn!) Little cable cuffed sockies. Tiny.

And the soak they'll get after I finish will take care of the waves in the yarn.
Being able to start over is a great thing about knitting. I pulled out a project just this evening, even though I was almost done. My husband was appalled. He said "doesn't that make you crazy, to take it all out." Nope,says I, it's just more knitting.
i think the big problem with most people is the work put into a project. to me, unless there's a deadline, it's just practice!
My knitting has bit me on numerous occasions; I'm petrifed of it.
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