Monday, October 09, 2006

Very Busy Day

Stealth blogging at its finest. (I'm typing this 3 hours before launch. What's that? You thought I was still awake at midnight most nights? Dream on! I'm up at 5.)

Prizes are packed and ready to ship. I need one more address, plus the addy of my anonymous commenter who claimed the Patons booklet. Then I'm off to the Post Office to do battle with the Postal Clerk Who Knows Everything (except that there's a"letter rate" to Canada that's lots cheaper than regular post). A pox on him and his house!

The whole week is shaping up to be busier than uual. Our only fundraising "event" of the year is scheduled for this Saturday (the 14th) and the development coordinator and I will be running in circles until then.

On a knitting note: I have completed 4 more hats (Blogger is being pissy. Pictures later, perhaps). They are "nothing special," but will keep someone warm. I will divide all of this month's car-knitted hats among the various groups I support: The Dulaan Project, Ship Support (which has the most stringent restrictions, with good reason), Cheyenne River Reservation, and Rabbitch's latest brainstorm.

I reached the "connection point" on the Ragg sweater and have joined sleeves to body. I am now concentrating on the yoke of the sweater and anticipate wearage within the next couple of weeks. Again, picture as soon as I can download and upload. It's going to fit. It's going to be lightweight and comfy--like a well-worn sweatshirt. I used Ann Budd's Book of Sweaters for the pattern.

I direct your attention to the sidebar and the yarn countdown which I just updated (yes, with a date of the 5th--bite me!). I find it ironic that my yarn consumption this month (and the fact that I mailed off some stuff to needy friends) now puts me at almost exactly where I was in February 2005. Have I turned a corner? Nah! I've added many pounds of Web's cones (remember?) and a bunch of stuff the needy friend sent back to me (a swap of sorts). I just can't tabulate them since there are no labels (therefore, no yardage) on them. What a shame.

I should probably include something like: Huge Laundry Basket of Community Yarn on the sidebar and get a scale weight on it. I'd do that if I were honest (with myself). Denial isn't just a river, you know.

Last chance: Anonymous commenter, please get your address to me (privately to ) if you still want the Patons booklet. If I don't hear from you by midnight tonight (10/10), it will go to the next person on the list. I'm trying to find the floor in my crafts room, so fairness and patience is out the window on this one. Sorry 'bout that!
any luck yet? was i second in line?
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