Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Tricks: Yeh, I know. It's tradition, though. (See the entry from October 27, 2005.) I have no explanation. What is, is.

Here's what we gave out this year: Harry Potter "Acid Pops" (they were on sale) and Tootsie Roll Giant Bag (Tootsies, plus Dots, Junior Mints, Charleston Chews, and such).

Here's what we kept: Dots and Junior Mints.

I really did not want to participate this year. I was giving out the candy by the handful (much to the delight of the kids), and 75 minutes into the 2-hour session, I was quite nearly out of candy, so I shut it down.

Hands down best costume this year was the pair o' skunks. Just precious in fuzzy suits. They were big kids, not toddlers, too!

And Treats: There was a squishy in the mail from Jean today. Hats for whatever project they suit (I'm thinking the reservation. They seem to be kid-sized) and four balls of Socka, 2 blue in wool and 2 white in cotton.

Those will become something for a baby, I'm pretty sure. Or maybe a prize.

Socka was my very favorite sock yarn for a long time. Then I met Wildfoote and Kroy, and Sock It To Me! (just call me fickle).

Hogwarts is finished!

And it is so not a hat.


Though, I guess if one were having a totally bad hair day, it could be used to hide that fact.

But not a hat. No. Definitely not a hat!

Maybe if it was very, very cold. No. Not even then.

Not A Hat!

A small wooly vest-ible!

Originally intended for Dulaan*, this one will wing its way west on the weekend where it will join 899 similar garments to warm the bodies of 900 school children in Afghanistan.

Have I ever mentioned the soft spot in my heart for Afghanistan? Michener's Caravans and a foreign student at my high school back in the 60s got me hooked.

This is my first contribution to Afghans for Afghans. It won't be the last.

It's probably too late for my Gentle Readers to get involved in this round, but you can read more about A4A here.

*Fear not, I have replenished my stash for Dulaan.
Thanks for adding a4A to your list of places to knit for; some child will be much warmer for it "over there".

I'm jealous, though; yours turned out prettier than mine!
Hah! So I was right, after all. It's a fine and rare thing for me. Looks great, and very warm.
At the rate I'm going, we may not have any candy left to give out next Tuesday! The vest is wonderful. I didn't get a sweater knit, but I'm sending a pair of socks.
I like the hat. Really. No, honest.

Vest? *whew* OK, I can tell the truth now. It sort of sucked as a hat.

And I'm glad you replenished your stash. I'd hate to think you were running out of yarn ... (glancing at sidebar)
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