Sunday, October 22, 2006

Three's the Charm?

Casting on for the third time with the third different pattern. Let's hope this one sticks!

I found this pattern, after several nights of browsing through many years' of knitting magazines (and frankly, I found many, many Good Things among the stuff I rejected), This one is the same basic cables with different backgrounds, one a cardigan, the other a pullover.

If I use different yarns, and make one of each, is that too cutesy-poo?

And since I haven't snarked much lately, I direct your attention to this bit of editorial content:

"The borders continue this distinction. The staggered brick stitch pullover edging results in a slight suggestion of a scallop. Compare this to the cardigan's deeper curves resulting from alternating garter and 2X2 ribbing at the lower edge and sleeves."

Well, I'm sure the differences were obvious in the photos--or at least the one where the models are standing, not sitting with the edgings all but obscured by scarves, their posture, their arms, etc.

But then someone decided that the money shot would be a good place to put big white letters.


Pattern is from Knitter's Winter '96. Yarn is Highland Tweed color Arctic Fox from Webs.

And a word about the yarn: My first cast on threw me into a panic. The yarn, despite scouring was still stiff and twine-y. I was very worried about how the finished sweater would feel. So I swatched (yeh, yeh) and then I washed that sucker to within an inch of felting. This time I got all the spinning oils out (I think) and let it dry. The resulting fabric is so nice. So very, very nice. The thought of rehanking, then re-scouring, waiting for it to dry, then re-balling it. No. Too much.

Shall we press on?

And in other news: All the best to Shannon and Mike who were married yesterday. The wedding was lovely, and the party after afforded time to renew old acquaintances and strengthen on-going ones.
So what will you be knitting it with?

I hate the way they pose the models so that you can't see the schematics of the sweater.
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