Saturday, October 28, 2006

This Simply Could NOT Wait

I had a small ball of un-dyed handspun (another gift. I don't spin--yet) that was crying to be a hat. But not cream color. Definitely not if it was intended for a child.

So I broke out the Wilton. Violet. Cast your eyes on the result. It really is shaded like the photo shows.

I counted the hats that I made and mailed (or boxed for mailing on 11/1) this month: 15. This is so chunky that I'll probably use 13s or 15s. Will cast on, then decide. There really isn't enough for swatching.

Medical results: None. Nada. Zippity doo dah. Twenty-four hours on a monitor with nothing to show. EKG normal. Chest xray, ditto. Stress? Anxiety?

I'm taking a very long weekend (5 days in a row) and plan to do a great whack of knitting and relaxing. I deserve it. There will be pictures!
Love the purple; enjoy the yarn while making that hat.

If purple isn't relaxing, nothing will be!
Love the yarn, but EEKK - I just can't get my knobbly hands around broomsticks. Give me 2.5 mm any day.
As you know, I'm all for relaxation :-p
Sort of good news/bad news. You've got symptoms, we just don't know what. Joy. A five day weekend sounds heavenly! Pretty yarn.
Glad to see you got the All Clear. Does this mean you are suitably caffeinated once again?

Your purple yarn is gorgeous! Have fun relaxing and knitting.
that handspun is lovely! i've started a hat with my own handspun, as well. however, the yarn isn't nearly so pretty. i'm putting earflaps on mine, and it's coming out, ummm, interestingly, let's say, lol.

who knows about the medical stuff. just keep an eye on it.
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