Monday, October 02, 2006

The Promised Photos

Here's the amber wool all dyed up (I'm out of Kool-aid except for some lemonade, but I don't expect great things from that, so I won't bother.)

Still on the cone, the original color. All of the hanks are roughly 400 yards.

On the left, 2 packs of orange

Center, 5 packs of lime

On the right, 4 packs of cherry.

The colors are just a bit richer in person, but they look great together. I will make little sweaters, then make booties or hat(s) with all of the colors together. Or, I'll make three little sweaters (or one bigger one) with all the colors. Yummy!

And here's what the Wilton Icing Color (royal blue) did.

Yes, there are splotches of dark blue among the hunter/deep kelly green. And red, too, if you look closely.

I suspect that I put entirely too much of the paste color into my 3 or so quarts of water. It didn't dissolve completely, a fact that I discovered when I drained the pot.

And I rinsed and rinsed for what seemed like forever and still, it was bleeding (though not a whole lot, finally).

I think I have 2 choices here. Cat bed (assuming it felts) or trash can. The blue is just wrong,

Note to self: make sure there are no dye lumps before dropping the yarn into the dyebath!
Nanna likes the blues & greens, so there :-p
I love the colours, actually. All of them, including the blue and the green.

My identification word is egwogu. I propose that you name the blue and green that.
I agree with Nanna and rabbitch - I like the touches of blue (and red). If you're going to trash it, I'll send you $$ for postage and you can send it to me! :D
I think it's flippin' gorgeous and if Amy doesn't end up taking it, I will!
don't trash it! send it to me! i'll use it for a4a or Dulaan!
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