Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pictures I Promised

It took many tries to get these pictures uploaded.

I hope you all appreciate the effort.

Here are the 4 most recent hats. Left to right, they are done in (I believe) Woolease Thick and Quick (black) with a strand of fingering weight ack for "color" and bulk. Pattern from Odd Ball Knitting on size 15s; those with the white stripes are Red Heart Shetland Chunky on size 8s or 9s. The dark blob in the back is Wool Ease (possibly chunky or bulky or something thicker than worsted which we all know is actually DK).

And here's the latest on Selfish September's Ragg sweater. The sleeves and body are one and I've begun the mindless, endless yoke.

I have about anther 60 rounds before I start the neck ribbing. I'm giving this my attention for a couple hours each night.

Any chance I'll wear it soon? I think so.
Soon? Ah, yes, about Thursday or Friday oe Saturday's, my guess. Sigh.
and it isn't even september any more!
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