Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's a giant mitten, why?

69 pairs of mittens, to be exact, all grouped into a mitten shape.

These are the mittens that my readers made and sent to me. I'll be mailing them on Monday.

Late arrivals will be mailed next Saturday. Prize draw is next Saturday, as well.

It's not too late to get in on the challenge. Just knit a little faster!

Warm a hand; warm your heart.

Here's the Great Overdye Experiment.

Original Amber-colored wool is in the center. I wound off approximately 400 yard hanks and overdyed with Kool-aid (4 packs of cherry on the left, 2 packs of orange--all I had on hand--on the right). I'm planning to try lime later today.

Whatever made Kraft (the owner of Kool-aid brand) decide to make "clear" flavors? Don't they know what we do with their product?

Here are some new arrivals for the mitten challenge (they are included in the group shot above) from Kathleen

and from Jennifer. (Jennifer's darker mittens are a lovely blue-green.)

Thanks so much to both of you and to everyone who responded to my mitten plea.

And lest you think I have forgotten that it's the first of a new month, a group shot of my current works in progress. Ragg, tunic, and a mitten. Is that really all there is?

I frogged a couple that were going nowhere and have plans to start a couple more in the next week or so.

Christmas, as they say, is coming.
Do you think Kraft has seen a spike in Kool-Aid sales, similar to the one that [must have] occurred in Sugar & Cream/Peaches & Cream yarns after "Mason Dixon Knitting" came out? Inquiring minds want to know.
Those colors are so pretty, from the overdyeing.

Oh look! A giant mitten!
That's a lot of mittens! I have one complete. One mitten, not one pair. You may receive it by the end of the week but I really can't get another 11 knit by then. Fortunately I never joined :)
This very late person humble asks for your snailmail so that I may send you six pair of mittens. Please.
Thank You
Rabbitch - don't feel bad. The mittens I sent in were because I followed the link from your blog last week. Just don't tell Ryan, since I originally was going use these for Dulaan 2007. But I knit fast and will replace these with more for Dulaan.
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