Monday, October 30, 2006

If I'm Starting Something New. . .

. . .it had better be the second Aran!

What is it about the fall and the wonders of a room full of yarn? I see so many things I want to cast on. And none of them look like the sweater I need to make. . . The one that will go with this one. That could actually be a late-November gift if I just get on the stick(s) so to speak.

In fact, many of them look more like this little Dulaan sweater that is giving me fits (not to say that the pattern is poorly/strangely written). I'm using up the last of my Pinguoin Pingofrance II (ack and wool blend) and a pattern from the Kids X 3 book from XRX (Knitters).

I fudged the colorway because this is what I happen to have at the moment.

I engaged in a bit of, ahem, Retail Therapy last week and now have additional wooly stuff. I have no need for more.

This is just fine.

I look down and see what appears to be "just enough" leftover Kool Wool for one last hat. I think that's what will become of these bits.

There's a bit of claret, some navy, some camel, and a little khaki.

Stripes, I think.

Rolled brim.

Basic pattern. Cast on 72, perhaps.

And last, but certainly not least, there's miles (literally) of kool-aid dyed wool that cries for attention. I've been balling it up in anticipation of casting on something from Zoe Mellor's Animal Knits. I'm thinking that the Fish Jacket would be sweet in shades of autumn.

Did I mention that the two Selfish September sweaters are currently in the time-out chair. Haven't touched either of them in over a week. No, make that 2.

We're gearing up for the "C" word here, and I don't mean chenille!

Fifty-seven days.
57 is a good number for Heinz but not good for our holiday knitting.
nice blog today Ann, sort of a chat from your knitting chair. I love the little hat, am crazy about hats anyways. So when I see yours, I just have to try them. So tonight I will see how many strand I need to get it looking similar to yours. The other one is finished. So I can start a new one. Have to work from stash, so it is always a challenge. Have to stop buying one skein of yarn at a time.

Keep knitting is my motto. It heals some ills.
Do they allow marriage with animals in the US yet?? I'm just trying to find a way so that i can become an out-law & have knitted for me a very nice Aran jumper...
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