Saturday, October 14, 2006

Frost Warning

Buffalo (far north of here) got snow. We got frost and freezing.

On September 27, I showed a Mexican Sunflower.

Today, I show you the same plant. Post frost.

Winter's coming.

On the needles--hats, left, are left to right, Patons Decor, variegated wool/ack, lightish worsted weight on size 6 (cast on 84) and Red Heart Shetland Chunky, same blend, but chunky weight, leftovers, on size 9 (cast on 72).

Both are big enough to fit me. Both will wind up being donated to worthy causes where they will keep someone a bit warmer this winter.

I'm cranking up the hat knitting by a lot! People lose a lot of body heat through their heads. Babies (newborns) need their heads covered year-round. Kids and adults need those hats now.

Can I see a show of hands of the folks who are knitting hats for various community efforts?

Dez Crawford (regular on KnitU) is looking for hats and other warm woolies for New Orleans. Caps for the Capital is collecting newborn hats. Ship Support seeks hats for our deployed troops. Rabbitch has her thing going for Vancouver. And I (as always) am collecting for several of these folks and also for Cheyenne River Reservation (recipient of the 2006 Mitten Challenge).

So, lift your paw, your needles, your hook in support.

I finished winding 1/3 of the Highland Tweed into a nice center pull ball. That's my fist at the bottom. That's a pound of really fine (as in "nice"), sturdy worsted weight wool in a color that resembles cooked pearl barley.

I have 2 more whacks as big as this to ball.

I hope to cast on within the next couple days.

I'm rethinking the pattern. Go on, admit you're surprised! Bite me.

Sheila asked about washing the spinning oil out of this wool. What I did: Hanked it (I used the back of my desk chair), figure-8 tied it in 4 spots, then (after thoroughly cleaning it) filled my kitchen sink with water as hot as I could stand and a healthy squirt of dish soap. (I used Ajax with degreaser, but pretty much any kind will work. Some folks swear by Dawn.) Then I soaked it, swishing and squeezing, drained, refilled with clear water, repeated until the water was no longer "milky." Then I used my salad spinner to get as much water as possible out, hung it to dry. (Note: a pound of wool really tests the limits of the salad spinner!)

Weekend Plans: I have to work. Well, some folks would consider it sort of work-play. We have our Empty Bowls Chili Dinner tonight in the warehouse. It's fun to see the transformation from industrial site to fine dining venue.

The food is good (3 kinds of chili). There's a silent auction. Music. Dancing. But it's still work.

Sunday, I plan to dye. Not die, sillies! Dye! With Kool-Aid.

Film at 11.
Me! I've got hats going, too, and seems like we can't make them fast enough, or make enough of them. Some I can do double strand, some (like Ships) need to be single strand ... sigh, I can't find TIME to work!

Can you at least knit at this chili thing?
Here in SW PA where I am, we got a very light frost that didn't kill my tomatoes or peppers or 6' marigold and 7' cosmos! Some wind damage on them, though.

Good chili weather!
Thanks, Ann, for the info on cleaning the wool. I have *some* of the bulky weight wool cones from Grampa's Garage Sale on their way to me as well. What can I say? I have no will power. I do see some overdying experiments in my well as lots of wool cleaning.

I'm not sure if I should thank or curse you for pointing me in the direction of Grampa's Garage Sale. I think that I, myself, will thank and and I'll let my credit card do the cursing. How's that?
I'm waving my paw, holding a knitting needle with half a hat on it.

Once I've done this I'm going to start annoying people to knit blanket squares. I got a request for 250 blankets today. My chapter's entire production last year was about 120. I intend to fill that request this year.

Sleep is for the weak.
I've got one hat going for Rabbitch. I need to find some dang point protectors because my dpns aren't long enough. I swear if I loose any more stitches I'm gonna toss the whole thing. lol
i've got a hat going for rabbitch, and one for dulaan. i'll probably be doing some for the pine ridge res soon too.

my hat's off to you!

and since i didn't garden this year, the only things i covered were the marigolds & 4 o'clocks that came up volunteer from last year (at my boys request, lol)
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