Monday, October 09, 2006

Book Sale

The local branch of the Ammerican Association of University Women (AAUW) is holding its annual book sale. Proceeds are used to fund scholarships for girls and women.

They share the venue (a former junior high school that has become the alternative education site for the district) with the public library. Two huge book sales are held each year, and they are like night and day. The library sale is (seemingly) well organized. Bbooks are alphabetized by author into rough groups, making it possible to search for wishlisted authors.

This sale leaves a lot to be desired on the organization front. The non-fiction is grouped, but the fiction is just, well, there. Kind of a "good luck finding what you seek!"

I was able to find a couple of books for The Kid, and some stuff I thought looked interesting. My books are in the garage, airing out.

Loyal Readers will remember the tremendous score I, um, scored during the summer (many Mon Tricots from the 70s, a couple of hard cover knitting books). Not so much this time.

Case in point: the knitting books were non-existant. There were a few old McCall's, and a baggie of vintage (1949) Worbasket magazines, but nothing else. I will live in my fantasy world and pretend that there were lots, but that other knitters beat me to them.

Sadly, I think not.

I did find this (eyes left, please) which, despite the condition of the cover, is intact. Copyright 1968. There are some classic baby sweaters and a lot of fashionable (for 1968) stuff that no self-respecting 4-year old would be caught dead in. It was 50 cents, so no great loss if I never use it.

I found these little leaflets of doll clothes to "knit and crochet." They are mostly crochet.

They are also copied from typed pages (not typeset, in other words). The clothes are sized for very tiny to about 20" dolls.

These, I bought for their conversation piece value. I'm pretty sure I'll never use them, but for 10 cents each, I figured, what the heck.

They go beyond "vintage," and straight to "quaint."

This, however, might be quite useful. Just not to me. When I got home, I discovered that it duplicates one I bought last summer.

Anyone interested? It's very classic (1992 version) pullovers and cardigans, raglan, drop shoulder and set-in sleeve, sized toddler 2 (26" finished chest) through adult 59" finished chest in worsted weight.

First person to ask can have it. You can reimburse postage and the 50 cents I dropped by making a "check out line" cash donation of a buck or two to a food-related charity in your area.
I'm interested in the Paton's booklet if it still available.

Judi M.
poo, i'm beat already! if it falls through with judi, i'm interested as well, lol
I have that book and it's great!
I have that Lovable Knits book, too. I think it was one my mother passed onto me when she stopped knitting. I've looked at it a zillion times but don't think I've ever made anything from it. Maybe I'll drag it out and make at least one item from it just to say I did.
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