Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Back to Normal

Whatever that is.

Last night, about 2, Sparky hopped on the bed and demanded attention. I did what any good cat owner does at 2 ain the ay-em. I ignored her!

It was a liitle harder to ignore the tiny squeek squeek right before the alarm went off at 5. Yeh, one of those.

The snap-traps were a gift from an admirer. They are already baited! With Peanut Butter. We'll set them tonight. In places where cats can't reach.

I finished this beanie last night for Ship Support. It's Red Heart Shetland Chunky (a wool/ack blend) on size 8s. Cast on 80, join, knit. Decrease weave. Done.

Easy peasy car knitting.

The next one is gray and white. Same yarn.

And there was a squishy in today's mail. These six pairs from Orghlaith. Aren't the colors pretty?

Thanks much! That's six more kids with warm hands.

My second box will be mailed Saturday.

I'm casting on another mitten for you tonight but, alas, there will be a grand total of two pairs from Chez Lapin (one kid, one adult) and there's no way they'll get to you by the deadline, although they will get to you the week after.

Do it again next year, mmkay?
And is that 75 pairs now? You rock.
As long as the squeaking wasn't the mouse hanging from the cat's mouth. The cat on your bed. I've been unable to convince my cats that that is wrong to bring a stranger home and take them to bed. Those California cats.

I've got almost four mittens done! But not by the prize deadline, sadly. I want to do all six pairs and get them off in the mail to the other address in November.
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