Sunday, October 01, 2006

Answers to Some Questions

So many interesting comments. Wow. Answers to a coupke follow:

Kmkat wants to know: Do you think Kraft has seen a spike in Kool-Aid sales?

I don't know, but I intend to find out! There's a Kraft person on my board.

Sheila wrote: Does this yarn need to wound off and washed before use? I wasn't clear on that. The "more wool" you speak of, is that in the weaving section of the garage? That yarn can be used for knitting, too, can't it? Of course it can.....right?

I wound mine off and washed it in hot water with Ajax dishwashing detergent (the label says there's a degreaser in it). There was a marked difference after washing.

The other yarns I am looking at are in the knit section of the garage sale--more Highland Tweed (it's really nice!), and the brown and blue coned wools (they are $12 and $15 a pound respectively). I have my eye on some of the $3 coned cottons, too. They might be in the weaving section, too.

And yes, you can knit with weaving yarns.
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