Saturday, September 30, 2006

Selfish September Day 30--The Last, Final, Fine

Ah, the last day. I did a little knitting on the Ragg, then proceeded to scour the wind-off of the Highland Tweed yarn. Wow! What a bloom!

As the Other Half said, "Now it looks like yarn, not twine. "

It's hanging in the yard draining. I'll skein up the rest when my shoulder recovers! If anyone wonders, I'd like a Mama Bear swift. You know, for Christmas.

I wound off about 6 ounces of the Amber wool, too. Last night, in a fit of fear that at that price, it might not actually be wool, I bleach tested it. About twenty minutes later, all that remained was a slight slick from the spinning oils. So, yep, it's wool.

Those of you who read about it and hesitated. Forget about getting your own. It's all gone.

But there are still some very nice garage sale items. I'm looking at the cotton flake yarns ($3) and some of the other coned wools (more than $3, but still very reasonable).

Finished it last night.

And here's the money shot of the shawl. I do believe that the mohair I've had stashed forever will finally be making an appearance as a similar one for me.

This one, however, will be off to South Dakota in a couple of weeks, along with some slipper socks and hand cream.

(I was tempted to keep this one.)

Weather Prediction: Yesterday, in the park, someone happened upon a Wooly Bear. Bad news. This one had no brown stripe at all. We are now all plotting our February vacations. Somewhere warm.

And in other weather news: The squirrels' tails are really fluffy.

You heard it here first.
The shawl is beautiful! I've been thinking about your "Selfish" September alot. I may make October a month where I will try to spend more time on projects that are for me.

I know I've missed the mitten deadline. I do still intend to send more mittens, and before next summer! I keep looking at what I have left and wondering if it's enough. I'd rather make large mittens, because I imagine there's more need for them. We'll see what I can come up with.
As one who is generally too warm and who laments her consequent inability to wear lovely wool sweaters, I greet your winter weather predictions with great joy. And despair, as central heating pretty much rules out such sweaters indoors no matter how flippin' cold it is outside. Except in my own house, where the thermostat is set firmly at 66° F, unless my husband lowers it. (He is even warmer than I am.)
The wool gone from the Webs garage sale would be me. I took a spin through there as soon as I read your blog yesterday morning. It was very early. Why did I buy five cones of amber wool? BECAUSE!!!!! That's the only answer I can muster. I liked your thought on overdying. We'll see. Does this yarn need to wound off and washed before use? I wasn't clear on that. The "more wool" you speak of, is that in the weaving section of the garage? That yarn can be used for knitting, too, can't it? Of course it can.....right?
Frenzy came out beautiful!

I'm going to miss the mitten deadline too, but I came close! I'll send them off to the other addy.

I hope it's cold here. I would really love to wear something I've knit.
I saw acorns hanging like bunches of grapes a couple of weeks ago and was told to stock up on warm clothes. Now the Wooly Bear tells me too. Guess I better listen!
I like that shawl!

And I jammed out on the Selfish Sept thing about the 20th. I suck.
I think the all-black wooly bears are the immature ones and won't actually inform you about the weather. Or so I've heard.
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