Friday, September 29, 2006

Selfish September Day 29

Today was the Agency picnic. Pot luck. I brought cup cakes. From a mix. Chocolate. Iced. From a tub. Vanilla and Chocolate. Decorated with fall sprinkles (tiny pumpkins and oak leaves).

All gone.

I ate two kinds of chicken. No, make that 3 (there was chicken in the fetuccini). And rice with pigeon peas. And baked beans. And this wonderful fudge cakey thing with nuts and caramel. I want the recipe!

And I discovered that several of my coworkers read this blog. Hi, co-workers!

Selfish Knitting Update: I have reached the pit point on the Ragg sweater body. I am grateful to have arrived here, because the 300 stitches of stockinette around and around and around and around were driving me totally batsh*t! (It wasn't a long trip.)

Unselfish Knitting Update: I started the edging on the Frenzy shawl a couple days ago. Got to the point today and ripped three or 4 times to the utter amazement of my coworkers who were watching. (Yes, I took my knitting to the picnic. I take my knitting everywhere!)

If you have decided to try this at home, here's a tip for the edging (note, once I had established the pattern at about row 6 or so, I removed the stitch markers) Okay, here's the tip:

Tip: Knit to the point, including the center stitch, then do the short rows. Then continue. Either the directions were unclear, or (more likely) I mis-read.

If you are off by even one stitch, it will look stupid! (That was rip 1 and 2.) If you have made the edging wider or narrower than 10 stitches called for in the pattern, be sure to adjust the short rows. (That was rip 3.) Pay attention to the edge stitch that you are "acquiring." (That would be rip 4.)

Learn from my mistakes!

Mitten Challenge, Not-Squishy: These lovely mittens arrived today from Donna.

The striped ones in the front are the IK pattern that everybody's talking about. Now that I've seen them "up close and personal," I'm ready to take the plunge!

Thank you, Donna. That's six more little guys with warm hands.

For those of you who are confused: Squishy= soft package, i.e. padded (or not) envelope. Not-squishy=box.

Donna's mittens were in a box. The mittens themselves are all soft (and squishy) including Donna's. Clear?

The last selfish day is tomorrow. We have to take the :ahem: fully paid for (finally) Jeep for inspection. Anyone want in on the pool on how much work it will need?
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