Thursday, September 28, 2006

Selfish September Day 28

I don't know if I can last through 2 more days! (I am enjoying this so much I may declare October to be "only me" Nah!)

The Frenzy shawl is as big as I want it (60+" across) so I started the edging, which is nothing more than a knitted on garter stitch strip, but let me tell you! I am amazed at how nicely it finishes the edge!

I am thinking that this is a technique that I will use again and again.

I wound up switching to a 7" dpn (Brittany Birch) which made the constant Knit 6 knit 2 together, turn bearable. I left the main knitting on the circular needle.

The mailman (or the guy in the brown truck) brought a not-squishy today. It's the yarn for the project I alluded to yesterday. From Webs . From the garage sale section (the only place I could find a tweedy wool that liked. I bought 3 pounds and now am winding it into hanks because it's coned and needs a good scouring (according to Webs and all the reviews I've read).
It's wonderfully lanolin-y. (Is that a word? It is now!)

The color is called Arctic Fox. I might go back for a couple more colors.

After I see how this washes up and swatches.

That's a lot of yarn!

And so is this. It's wool. It's worsted weight. The color is called "Amber." and there's a good 4 pounds of it. For $6 (US) total.

I can see a lot of warm hats, scarves and mittens. I might dye a bit of it.

I might go back and get some more then drag out the knitting machine and make some shawls and blankets.

The 50 g ball of Woolbale is there for scale.

And now, Gentle Readers, I will launch. The National Weather Service is saying that there is a tornado watch. I think I'll go watch.
Just don't watch it take your house away.

Lovely bales of yarn. Okay, not bales but I can't think of what they're really called. Nice colors.
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