Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Selfish September Day 27

Fifteen inches and counting! And I don't know which is bigger: my desire to be finished, or my desire to be done!

And I'm not the only selfish one here (in case you were wondering). The Other Half walked in the door about a half-step behind me this afternoon. He was hoping to get home first because he had made a, um, little purchase. Please tell me why, in a house of 3 adults (and no children) we need five computers?

I pretty much don't care how cheap it was!

Yarn sites, here I come! (Again)

A sad final note: Today, I helped a friend bury his friend. He could have done it alone, but I didn't think he should have to. She'll be waiting by the Bridge. Farewell, little one.

No one should ever bury a pet alone, I'm glad you were there.

I can't figure out why a house with 2 adults has 4 tvs. Of course Basil the parrot does watch tv too, but still that's one extra.
What a wonderful friend you are. Peace to your friend.
Two adults, one teenager, 15-20 computers (who's counting?), and 20+ cars. That's MY house.

Things could be worse for you, believe me.
1 adult, 1 computer, lots of yarn.... Hang on! that's normal
Two adults, two computers, five televisions, two metal shops (hubby's) and one giant yarn clost (mine). Oh, and about 7000 knitting needles. It just ain't right.
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