Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Selfish September Day 26

Closing in on the finish line, huh?

With only 4 more days left until the end of the month, I thought I'd bring my Gentle Readers up to speed on my projects. Not a chance in a million that either of them will be finished, but I've made a nice dent.

I think I can finish the green tunic in time to wear it this winter. After all, wool is warm and so is the current weather here at Casa Sheepie.

Winter will be a much better season for this one.

No, I am not back-burnering it.

Just taking a break.

Just a little break.

What I'd like to do is get this one finished up.

It's the perfect weight for fall, and its predecessor (a lovely navy, burgundy, light blue marl) was discarded oh, last fall I think, when it became obvious that there were way too many snags for it to be wearable anywhere beyond the back yard.

I'd love to have the sleeves attached before the Yarn I Shouldn't Have Bought arrives (in like 2 days :eep:).

And so, I offer a glimpse (you knew I would) of the potential next project. Can you even tell what it might possibly be?

I lerves me the special effects I can get with my photoediting software!

Of course, this is not a best effort.

Pattern is in an old (very old) Mon Tricot (August September 1977 :eep:). But a classic style lives forever, doesn't it?

I suspect that the tiniest bit of modification (around the sleeves) might be in order.

Oops. Did I give it away?
Not to me, but then I'm dense.

It's hard to think of 1977 as having classic anything.

Was Selfish Knitting fun?
Still 4 more days and that includes movie night, half a weekend and the cold front moving thru plus tonight! You should be able to get lots done with your end-of-month motivation (and the yarn delivery sneeking up on you!)
Sleeves? There are sleeves? It looks like a knitted cabled uterus to me.

And the goal this month was to knit for ourselves every day, not to finish anything, so you done good! Me? I got two washcloths and some mitts.
Looks like an Aran/Gansey style coat with shawl collar? What the heck does FSM stand for?
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